Australian Wine and USA
For export we discount our prices 15% off current release wines and 9% off our Museum wines.
by a further 9%.
Air Mail Postal Service is forbidden in the USA - not so for most other countries

We send wine to any address on mainland USA as a Door to Door service.
We pay all duties, taxes & air freight and then deliver to your door. 
This is a flat rate charge per case of 12 bottles (750ml)ea. 
Same for additional cases.

Delivery from 3 TO 5 weeks - can be delayed by US Customs - security?
on application

All bottles are re-packed in polystyrene shippers  - extremely effective against temperature variations and breakage. 
If you want insurance, please ask, it is 2% of the total value of wine and freight.
exchange rates



Please advise your shipping agent.

If you are shipping by sea, you will need to have a minimum of 33 dozen or more as it is shipped on a pallet. Sea freight is calculated by cubic meters. You have to consider road freight at both ends, and fees you will have to pay for customs clearance your end. Your agent will advise you.

please email.